‘Unremitting, Unremitting’

Here is a poem I wrote last year to mark the anniversary of Virginia Woolf’s suicide by drowning, inspired partly by her suicide note.

Unremitting, Unremitting

A headlong rush that breaks
The water’s skin and mine.
These shoes give little traction,
Slipping down the muddy bank.
They were not made for this;
Nothing was.

Where sunlight flashes intermittent
Through green and shifting limbs
And trembles at the river’s touch,
I see everything at once.
My lungs are filled
With unspilled ink.

The voice within is silenced.
I hear the whole world
Stuttering with one voice;
Inseparable, impenetrable,
Omniscient and terrifying,
Unremitting, unremitting,

My pockets sag with stone
Worn smooth, sun-bleached,
Here since the beginning.
I feel its grain, its heft,
And its stillness.

Indescribable, this longing
To be among stones
Where the river meets the sea.
Where the sea gorges itself
On cries and whispers.

But let the river run on; I cannot.


No Blank Spaces
No Blank Spaces

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