Two New Poems

All Change, All Change

The trains still arrive when they want,
It’ll get colder yet before it thaws.
We should do this, do that,
There are contacts to contact,
And efforts to be made, and rhythms
And routines to be resisted.

Before it’s – already – too late.
And the same people in the same places
Are ready and waiting with their faces.

Brand new storage boxes
Full of old unread words.
The tree is still at the window
And the window is still at the window.

The year took off like a balloon.
We waited for it to come back
But, cold and tired, went indoors.
Where we found it sagging,
Half-puffed, on the ceiling.

A year is too long,
Its first months too short.



I should buy the cheap fruit instead
That’s in plastic bowls
Spread on the pavement
Just round the corner
From the big Sainsbury’s.
But the man who sells it
— and his boy, who buys milk
From Sainsbury’s, in shorts
In the rain —
I don’t want to get into all that.

No Blank Spaces
No Blank Spaces

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