‘I Had Not Thought You Were So Hopeless’

‘I Had Not Thought You Were So Hopeless’

There is a statement that breaks
The day in half and folds it back
In on itself.
I had not thought you so hopeless.
But we have walked for hours
And your stitches have fallen out.
You have trodden them underfoot.

At lunch we laughed away our lives
And other people, as we do.
And laughter loosens stitches.
Your jokes rupture,
Confessions spew forth.
Finish your coffee first.

Murmuring, I half-hear
Your confession,
prefer to half-hear a joke
Seven years overdue.
Seven years we’ve known
Each other’s name,
Brandishing hideous masks
Whilst talking too fast.
That was no mask; just a face
Stitched in place, come unstuck.
Have you finished all the coffee?
Can you see a bin?
Sorry, what were you saying?

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No Blank Spaces

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