Eyes Do The Thinking

I cried this morning. 

Great big fat balloons

Of sweet salt water.

But they weren’t tears of happiness

Or sadness.

They were not knowing the one from 

The other. 


I cried today

Which isn’t usual for me. 

It filled up the gap 

Between what I have 

And what I expect 

Then I swam across.


I cried today.

It’s a little embarrassing, really. 

I was barely awake when it burst

Suddenly, my eyes thinking

For me. 

All I’d said was a name 

And it followed like surnames. 


I cried today and it was good

To think of you there watching me.

It felt strong and true

To cry through eyes sore 

Like they’ve been staring all night

Into space. 

These eyes stay open 

Even when they’re shut. 


I cried today,

It was cleansing. 

No emotional torrent 

Just a gentle nudge, 

The eking out of a feeling. 

A surprise that I’d expected. 


I cried today,

Which means this: 

You’re two dark circles

On my pillowcase, 

Blooming, spreading. 


I cried today 

And the sky in my window

Was big, blue and indifferent. 

And the sun shone white stillness

Like the night was just a rumour.

And birds sang from ariels 

Like nothing was happening.

And then, afterwards,

Nothing happened. 


I cried today 

Cried instead of sleeping. 

Cried instead of waking. 

Cried my eyes open. 

Cried myself a poem.

Cried but don’t know why.

Isn’t that wonderful









No Blank Spaces
No Blank Spaces

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